About Me

Hello!!! My name is Natalie.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I just moved to US recently.

As a girl growing up in Hong Kong, I have been told to study hard, work hard, make money, buy a property, find a nice guy, get married and have two kids. I guess this is the 21st century fairy tale for every person in Hong Kong maybe even for every one in the world.

I was frustrated. But I learnt that there’s no cookbook or recipe for life. Every one needs to find their own “happily-ever-after formula”. After trying very hard and still failed to meet people’s expectation, I decided to find my own way by taking life seriously with a playful attitude. And I left my comfort zone and move to the United States to complete my love story and my life journey.

What will I share in FlyFlyEnjoyLife.com?

  • Shopping Review

    I love shopping especially online shopping. I will share my personal review over the products I bought. And I promise you I only share my CANDID opinion.

  • Smart Spending

    Who on earth would love a person who just spend? I keep my wallet happy and healthy by sourcing all the GOOD DEALS. Of course, I will not be hesitated to share with you HOW I SAVE MONEY WHILE SHOPPING!!! Follow me for all the money saving tips.

  • Idoit-Proof Recipe

    I never cook when I was in Hong Kong. Since I moved to the states, it’s difficult to find the taste of Hong Kong. So I decided to learn cooking. BUT, as a city girl who only cooked on iPhone (cooking games), I suck at it. So, If the recipe works for me, it must be works for EVERYONE !!!

  • Food Review

    Girls care about our body shape. Why waste calories quota and money on bad food? Let me be your GUINEA PIG in food exploration. Your body and wallet will thank me 🙂

My Daily Shooting Gear

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Canon 750D
  • Go Pro Session

Nice to meet you!! Leave me comment  to let me know more about you too!

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