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Oreo Churros Review

April 23, 2017
Oreo Churro Review

If you think Oreo is just a snack, you are so wrong! Oreo is such a magical ingredient. You can see it in different kind of desserts from smoothie to cheese cake. You can even find deep-fried Oreo in Asia.So why would I be surprised to see Oreo Churros in the supermarket?

Oreo Churro Review

What triggered me to purchase?

  • 1.75 Cash Rebate
    Ibotta and Saving Stars offered $1.75 cash rebate. Along with the 50cents manufacturer coupon, I only have to pay 73 cents out of pocket. I just can’t say no to this offer.
  • Curiosity
    I just like to try new food.. especially good food. I like Oreo and I like Churros. Why not both?

What’s in the box?

Oreo Churro Review

  • 16 counts of 2 inches long frozen churros
  • a pack of oreo flavor churro sugar

Deep Fry / Bake?

Deep fry sounds too messy for me. Plus I try not to increase the calories intake for each of the churros, I baked the churros according to the instruction on the package.

Conventional Oven:1. Preheat oven to 450F.2. Remove frozen churros from box and place on tray.3. Heat in oven until warm, about 8 minutes.4. Roll in Oreo Crumb Sugar topping.Filling may be hot.

Oreo Churro Review
Oreo Churro Review

Churro without Sugar

Oreo Churro Review

The filling does not as creamy as it shown on the package. And the taste of the filling is far different from the regular Oreo cream. Instead, it tastes more like melted marshmallow.

Churro rolled in Sugar

After rolling in the Oreo crumb sugar, the churros do look more similar to oreo. However, even the coat of sugar cannot cover the hint of greasiness. I was also disappointed by the texture. It was too dense and hard.


Price: USD$2.98
Paid:  USD$0.73
(50cents discount coupon, 75cents Ibotta rebate, $1 SavingStar rebate)

Worth the Calories? NOPE

Will you try the Oreo Churros? Leave the comment below. Please share with me if you already tried the churros too. 🙂

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